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butterfly wall decorations

Eye-Catching Wall Decorations

Wall decorations are the important point for the beauty of the whole room in the house both for interior and exterior area. This time, the idea to be discussed is about how to decorate the interior walls of the house. There are many techniques and methods to improve the aesthetics of the wall. You do […]

kids playroom flooring

Kids Playroom Ideas for Basement

Kids playroom ideas that are built in the basement will be a brilliant decoration. Not everyone can take advantage of the basement properly. One of the ideas to optimize the function of the basement is to turn it into the comfortable and warm kid’s playroom. Providing kid playroom at home is the right decision. It […]

kitchen towel

Types of Kitchen Towel That You May Need to Know

Kitchen towel is very essential in your kitchen. This kind of towel comes in variety of types and colors such as dish towel, hand towel, counter towel and tea towel. They have different function in the kitchen, so that you have to separately keep the towel to maintain its cleanliness. The purpose of this towel […]

unique kitchen islands

Attractive Kitchen Unique Ideas

Kitchen unique can be really attractive when you want to change the appearance of your kitchen. The term of unique in here does not mean unnatural in visual and design, but the kitchen has something different in the layout of the area. Creative and unique kitchen interior may be difficult if we do not have […]

outdoor kitchen cabinets

How to Design Outdoor Kitchen for Minimalist House

Outdoor kitchen can be a good choice for you who want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen in serving delicious meals and beverages for the family. Narrow kitchen may cause a problem for running the activity in the kitchen. Small house can look more spacious when you organize and manage your house […]

kitchen knife block sets

Cool Kitchen Knife Sets

Kitchen knife sets is one of the thing that the existence cannot be ignored in a kitchen. You know, a knife is one of the most used utensils in the kitchen. Surely, a kitchen without a knife inside of it is a big no. That is because almost every actions that you do in the […]

high top kitchen table sets

Rustic Kitchen Table Sets

Kitchen table sets are one of the kitchen sets that you cannot ignored its presence. A kitchen will never be completed without these sets. Of course, it would be never easy because the kitchen sets also need to be match with the kitchen theme. Surely, it would be funny if there are some things which […]

kitchen chair seat covers

Kitchen Chair Cushions for Your Kitchen

Kitchen chair cushions are the great decoration addition for your kitchen. As a flashback, it is known that the kitchen become one of the most important place in the house. Not only as a place for cooking and eating, kitchen become a place to relax, chat with some colleagues, and spent idle time. For that, […]